Empowerment Zone

About Us

Empowerment Zone Inc.

The Empowerment Zone Inc. is a 501(c)3, not-for profit, community based organization founded in 2007.

We are dedicated to enriching the lifelong development of men, women, children, teens, families and seniors.

Our services include recreational, educational and cultural programs that support youth, families, and the individual’s needs to realize their full potential.

We are dedicated to providing quality, effective services which are sensitive to the changing needs of individuals and the society.

We also seek to develop programs that are responsive to the changing needs of all we serve. Read more about Our Programs.

Our Mission

The Empowerment Zone Inc. mission is to help individuals define their driving force that will ultimately lead to maximizing their abilities and determining their life’s path.

We believe that each person should be informed about the choices available in life and provided the skills and means to access those choices.

We aim to assist men, women, young and old to strive to reach their highest goals and achieve their greatest outcomes.

Read more about Our Goals.